Miedzywodzie direction

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Miedzywodzie direction.

  • When you are coming by car.
  • Heading by bus
  • When you are coming by train.


Miedzywodzie, most important:

Please remember our address:


Sloneczna street 39

Miedzywodzie, Poland

Miedzywodzie MAP:


Heading by car.
please head via route A6 and S3 to Wolin. Carefully with speed limits and SPECS (speed camera) that

measure your average speed.

In Wolin – please cross the bridge and on turn right on the nearest possible.

Most Wolin (c. Cezary Skórka)

Most Wolin (c. Cezary Skórka)


Here turn right:

Trasa S3

Trasa S3

Then on the crossword turn left and go straight ahead to the route  number 102. Then turn right and on after the lights please head to the end of the road.


Heading by bus.

Please reserve your bus:

Please plan your journey in advance – buses are very busy in high seasen.


Heading by train.

Please head to Szczecin Główny (Szczecin Main/Central Train Station). Then with stairs please follow the red path to the (Szczecin Main/Central Bus Station). It is approximately 500 metres and you will need 10-20 minutes to get from train to the bus station.

Droga Berlin Szczecin

Berlin Miedzywodzie Road. Please follow red path


For the bus Szczecin Glowny (Miedzywodzie).

Berlin to Szczecin Glowny (arrival at 9:49 am), Benko Bus from Szczecin to Miedzywodie (leaving at 11:35 am), Benko Bus normally starts from platform 10.

Platform 10 Szczecin Bus Station

Platform 10 Szczecin Bus Station



Please head with Benko Bus to Miedzywodzie.

Wish you good trip and no delay:)