cursed castle on the hanged peoples’ hill

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Cursed Castle on the hill where people were hanged.

Near Wolin, on the left bank of Dziwna river, where it connects with the Szczecin Lagoon, is located hill where people were hanged.

In the neighborhood are numerous legends and folk tales. At the beginning of the last century on the southern edge of the hill was a huge gallows, reminiscent of the judgments that were made here.

wzgórze wisielcówHill was also known as Scary, because for many centuries it was said that in the interior of the castle is ancient, the inhabitants of which languish under the ground for his crimes.

Not surprisingly, the hill is always fill us with awe the local population. There was a daredevil who would dare to come to the hills after dark.

One day he came to Wolin travel from afar. He entered the inn and asked for a pint of beer. He was terribly tired, he wanted to take a break and go on his way. Suddenly he heard just above his ear:
– SIr, where are coming from?
– From Krakow.
– Oh, you’re probably already tired a lot. But I think today it is time to rest. After all, night falls.
– A so-stranger muttered under his breath.
– Far more your way?
– To the south, along the bank of the river, up to the Lagoon. . – I would not advise you to go at night.
– I wonder why? But I have time before midnight.
-I doubt it. Along the way, you have to go wheel Haunted Hill.
-So what! I am not afraid of anything. I did nothing wrong, and even a penny for myself I do not have and robbers So they will not do anything to me.
– But, sir, I think you did lost their senses. Throughout the area you will not find such a daredevil, who at that time dared to go in the direction of the hill.
– Do not plótłbyś, WASC, nonsense. Who is in the way this time! The old man grabbed his hand and forced him travel to sit.
-Listen up, ladies! Many centuries ago near here has a huge castle. He lived in the pan of Lords and the rich rich, but miserly cruel.
No poor man has received from the charity. Anyone who dared to ask for a bowl of nourishment, was szczuty dogs. Meanwhile swelled rich granaries and larders. There was probably things in the world, he would not have. And the keys to his treasure entrusted to his jedynaczce. It was a marvelous girl beauty, but hardened and merciless heart. No one was surprised that even nothing. After all, from an early age grew up with his father.
So wench from the morning till late in the evening celebrated the castle chattering bunch of keys, hanging with a wide belt. Sam exuded food: sumptuous castle for men and scantily for the service. The subjects so usually went hungry, pomstując a young lady that is even worse than his father. Sometimes what braver went to you and complained that he was hungry and forces to work there.
Then they threw insults Miss:
– Pasibrzuchy, darmozjady, głodomory! You do not want to think only of eating and sleeping. How poskarżycie again I father, I would say that you are doing nothing, and not only to eat but do not get even a hundred sticks you in wymierzy. .
One day he has kept his promise. The Lord of the castle believe the words of his daughter. He called cones and sticks had flogged those who came to ask for food. In vain begged for mercy. Rozśmieszyły girl only requests chłostanych. She laughed loudly and cheerfully, naigrawała the beaten unconscious. Then one of the abused, the old, faithful servant, raised his hand up and threw terrible curse:
– Perhaps you lock your treasures and engulfed the earth! Perhaps never your souls knew no rest!
The old man uttered his curse apparently the wrong time, because I just finished, the earth shook, a terrible storm arose, it became dark as night.
Only flashes of lightning lit the darkness, thunder and strong with a bang surged across the sky.
Who food quickly began to run away from the castle. In vain father and daughter cried and begged, trying to stop his subordinates. When they were alone, the castle fell with a crash into the ground, consuming them with all their belongings.
Left hill where nobody wanted to live. So there erected the gallows and hanged criminals. Apparently every stormy night at the top of the hill shows the beautiful bride, and a huge bunch of keys call beckons travelers passing their charms to the basement, where there are huge hidden treasures. They say that those who succumbed, dragged behind him into the ground.
The old man had finished his story, and sighed heavily, as if he got rid of nightmares that tormented him.
— rzekł podróżny.”>- It’s all nonsense, that people almost, my good man> – said the traveler. – I just arrived in a specially these pages to get into the hills of the treasures, of which so much is said.
– Oh, young man! Are you so mad that for treasures expose their young lives?
Do not worry about me – said the stranger – I assure you, nothing bad I can not and I will go the way back to your inn to treat you wyprawić gained as one of the jewels.
The young man stood up, wrapped in the mantle travelers, laughed happily and disappeared into the night.
Nobody since then has seen the young traveler.